Eximo® makes coffee roasting smoother than ever

The coffee bean roasting process typically operates at temperatures from 240 to 275 °C, with the beans themselves being roasted for a period of time ranging from 3 to 30 minutes, depending on the blend, bean type and final product required.

The heat source for roasting can be supplied by natural gas, LPG, electricity, or even wood, and although initially, this process begins off as being endothermic (it absorbs heat), but at around 175 °C, it quickly becomes exothermic (it gives off heat).

At the end of the roasting cycle, the roasted beans are dumped from the roasting chamber and cooled off with forced air. At this point, certain additives such as sugar are also added.

With all this excess exothermic heat that is being generated, coffee bean dust, sugar, various gases and other potentially sticky and tacky organic material can accumulate in the roasting drum and waste removal systems. To remove this heat-fused organic waste, a reliable, well-built, modular and highly effective waste extraction system is required.

This is why is modular steel ducting such as Eximo’s SpeedLOCK range is especially effective for coffee roasters, as it has been specifically designed for complex and potentially clogging and tacky processes such as the coffee bean roasting cycle.

Made from a range of food-friendly galvanized and/or stainless steel grades such as 306, 316 and 305 and to whatever length, curve, angle or size that is required, Eximo SpeedLOCK® ducting is perfect for even the most complex coffee roasting processes. Since SpeedLOCK® Modular Stainless Steel Ducting is manufactured using only smooth bore technology, it greatly minimises the risk of coffee bean waste settlement and other products from clogging in the ductwork or causing a build-up of potentially dangerous organic matter.

Moreover, for applications where some clogging is unfortunately unavoidable, the system’s easy access and super-quick dismantling and reassembling makes cleaning and maintenance literally no longer than your average coffee break! Moreover, Eximo’s SpeedLOCK® is machined to such fine and exacting tolerances, that the company can guarantee a perfect fit between the existing and any additional sections, each and every time.

This high-grade of engineering and design also adds to the low cleaning requirements thereby helping to keep maintenance and downtime costs to a negligible level. This means less time is needed for cleaning with more time available for perfecting the ideal coffee bean roast.

Eximo’s SpeedLOCK® is used in a variety of food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments where speed, cleanliness and safety are optimal such as confectionary making, flour storage, beer brewing and powdered medicine production.

Being approved for food manufacturing and other food-grade applications means that Eximo SpeedLOCK® has the pedigree and performance for even the most critical of safety and extraction volume tolerances.

This high-quality ducting allows you to start your day with a clean workplace, and enables you to dispose of waste in a way that is safe for both your employees and the environment.

With 30 years of experience and manufacturing knowledge behind it, Eximo® can help design your coffee bean roasting waste extraction system to your exact specifications and also provide a level of service and maintenance that is second to none.

If you need a modular, food-approved waste extraction ducting system that is as smooth, reliable and quality-based as the coffee you roast, then Eximo SpeedLOCK® is your answer.