Lock and Fittings

Duct fittings for the manufacturing industry

As Australia’s leading supplier of modular ducting, Eximo also supplies an extensive range of duct fittings and locks. Our duct fittings and locks are manufactured to the highest quality, and fit our modular ducting products for easy assembly – saving you time and money.

For more information on our specific duct fittings and locks, view our range below. If you’d like to speak to Eximo about your needs, contact us today.

 Standard Lock Ring                               Lever Lock Ring 

 Wide Lock Ring                                      Worm Drive Clamps

 Flexible Hose Spigots                            Duct End Seals

 Flanges                                                     Weld Ends

 Hanging Brackets & Bracket Legs       Hanging Brackets and Bracket Legs

(80mm to 315mm)                                                       (325mm to 800mm)