Why your ducting is important

Whether you are in car manufacturing, food making, discrete manufacturing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, building and construction, chemical making, mining, or even building submarines; it would not be an understatement to say that a clean workplace is not just a safe workplace, but one that is essential to both product integrity and uninterrupted productivity.

The bottom line when it comes to a clean workplace is also enhanced by less product rejects or recalls, as well as less chance of expensive WorkCover and/or legal issues arising if your ducting is working at its optimum levels.

On that point, ducting specialist Eximo’s philosophy is simple – to provide Australian industries with a range of ducted waste disposal solutions that are second to none.

According to Eximo’s Sales Manager Patrick Murphy, research and testing are the keys to ensuring that Australian industry has access to the best ducting technology anywhere in the world.

“For this reason, we are continually researching and testing new products to ensure that as manufacturing technique advance, we have the ducted disposal system to meet any specific requirements”, says Murphy, adding that, “We have everything from faster, more efficient particle and fume removal, all the way up the minute ways to remove waste without interrupting a packaged goods production line running at break neck speed”.

“There are a number of reasons why a company’s machinery may need upgrading, reconfiguring or even relocating says” Murphy, “therefore, the waste disposal system you install must be designed accordingly”, she says.

On that point, Eximo’s SpeedLock Modular Steel Ducting has been specifically designed to be modified without the need for excessive cost or production downtime—it’s as easy as unclipping a lever and locks and reassembling.

SpeedLock Modular Steel Ducting is used for everything from wood and metal shavings, to agricultural and milling waste, food waste from confectionary production, to paper waste, liquid waste, welding flux removal and even sand removal for the Australian Defence Force (ADF) in places like Iraq and Afghanistan.

And as SpeedLock Modular Steel Ducting is manufactured using only smooth bore technology, it greatly minimizes the risk of waste settlement and system clogging.

Moreover, for applications where some clogging is unavoidable, the system’s easy access makes cleaning literally a breeze. Modular Ducting Australia.