About Us

Challenging the complex air quality issues

In all aspects of manufacturing, a clean, safe workplace is absolutely essential to both workers and productivity.

So, at Eximo SpeedLOCK, our philosophy is a simple one. To provide manufacturing industries with a range of modular ducting and flexible ducted waste disposal solutions that are second to none.

Less simple, however, are the complex technologies required to put this into practice. For this reason, we are continually researching new products to ensure that as manufacturing techniques advance, we have the ducted disposal system to meet your specific requirements.

Everything from faster, more efficient particle and fume removal, to up to the minute ways to remove waste without interrupting a packaged goods production line running at speed.

Why Eximo SpeedLOCK is different


Not many companies can boast that after 30 years of continuous operation, they still have the passion and the focus to give the same high level of service to their customers they did from day one. Then again, there aren’t many companies out there like Eximo SpeedLOCK either.

Founder and Managing Director Roger Marriott, who has been in the dust and waste removal game longer than he cares to admit, says that without great customer service and top quality products, you really don’t have a company.

“I firmly believe that service and quality are core values that should be part and parcel of any successful business venture”, says Marriott.

Founded over 30 years ago as ‘speedLOCK’, the company was originally set up to service the then large and vibrant local woodworking industry.

With the changes that have occurred in woodworking, SpeedLock, which eventually adopted its newer moniker of Eximo over ten years ago, went on to service just about every industry under the sun.

However it’s woodworking where Eximo SpeedLock still does a significant amount of business and where its German-made ducting still proves its worth.

“One reason why Eximo SpeedLock modular steel ducting is still very popular in the wood making industry is because of its reliability, strength and quality. All attributes that are critical with the spread of CAD/CAM manufacturing, which has led to turning speeds and volumes increasing over the years”.

“Secondly there is the issue of OH&S regulations becoming tougher and more widely-enforced over the years, meaning dust removal has become a regulated activity”.

“Lastly”, says Marriott, “there is the huge increase in the use of MDF and particle board over the past 15-20 years. This particular type of wood profile produces massive amounts of dust when it’s worked.  Which means you really need the most efficient ducting system available to ensure you have a clean and safe workplace”.

Custom built workmanship

At Eximo SpeedLOCK, we firmly believe our range of high quality, high tech flexible products are the most comprehensive in the Asia Pacific market. While our ability to custom supply cost effective solutions for your applications is unlimited.

Each flexible duct product clips straight onto Eximo SpeedLOCK Standard Modular and Heavy Wall  with hosetail fittings built into the modular duct.

Eximo SpeedLOCK product with a hosetail can be ordered to make installation of a complete system fast and dead easy.

As each application requires a dedicated response, please feel free to call the Eximo SpeedLOCK  office on 1300 138 038 for a chat with one of our representatives. Or for all orders, send us an email sales@eximo.com.au

From our warehouse in Sydney we ship to Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide, Darwin and all other areas Australia wide.