Eximo keeps Big Pharma dust free

Australia’s pharmaceutical manufacturing sector has now overtaken vehicle manufacturing and textiles in terms of manufacturing exports. Given current trends in other sectors, if this growth continues, the pharmaceutical sector is set to become second only to the mining industry in terms of export revenue.

According to the federal Department of Innovation, Industry, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education, in 2009-10 the pharmaceuticals industry had a turnover of approximately $22 billion, putting this part of Australian manufacturing in the top 10 global pharmaceutical producers.

Therefore to ensure the nations’ leading drug makers continue to achieve export success, the reputation of the industry as a producer of pure, reliable and high quality products must be maintained by facilitating a clean and sterile work environment.

To help with this, ducting experts Eximo provide products such as the Flex range, which now give local drug makers all the locally-sourced technology required to maintain a manufacturing environment that is the cleanest and safest in the world in terms of air quality.

Eximo’s Sales Manager Patrick Murphy says, “We can custom build for pharmaceutical industry needs, including such specialised products as ventilation ducting up to 1800 mm internal diameter that resist up to 300 degrees Celsius, a flex that is resistant to various microbes and hydrolysis, a flex that handles corrosive liquids and high abrasives and even one that resists chemicals”.

“So whether it’s state of the art anti-static ducting; ducting with superior high chemical resistance or flame retardation; ducting that offers high flexibility and excellent axial compressibility or ducting resistant to aggressive and abrasive fumes and dust, Eximo can provide the solution”.

“To date, we have assisted many pharmaceutical clients whose applications are both stringent as well as large in size.”

“We can basically make any length and size of ducting a drug company requires”, he says.

“What’s more, the entire range of Eximo’s flexible duct products will clip straight into our metal SpeedLock standard modular ducting range by use of a flexible hose spigot”, says Murphy.