WeldFlex Ducting – Light and Strong

WeldFlex ducting from Eximo is a lightweight PVC duct which is available in flame retardant according to DIN 4102. Its applications include air-conditioning and suction of air, welding fumes and light dusts and it offers a temperature resistance of up to 100° C.

It has a number of highly unique attributes including being self-extinguishing, high flexibility, extreme helix-like PVC structure and is available from 52 mm to 505 mm in diameter.

Designed for use in a variety of industries including those where explosion issues and safety are paramount including the petroleum, chemical, paint, fertilizer, solvent and food industries; WeldFlex is one of many premium flexible ducting options available from Eximo Speedlock in Sydney.

Based in Sydney, Eximo ships Australia wide. Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Tasmania.

Eximo Editor

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